Press Releases

AMD's "Never Settle Forever" Program to Include Radeon™ RAMDisk Promotion
August 14, 2013

Dataram to Attend AMD Radeon™ ExtravaLANza
October 17, 2012

Dataram Executes Agreement with AMD for Radeon™ RAMDisk
September 6, 2012

News & Reviews

"I Built A 4K Ultra HD Gaming PC... And I Love It"
April 2, 2014


Radeon™ RAMDisk Educational Series

These videos provide a detailed overview of how AMD Radeon™ RAMDisk can benefit you. Click “Play All” to view a series or use the playlist dropdown feature to select a particular video to view. Check back often for new videos!

Overview Series

1. What is RAMDisk and How Does it Work?
2. RAMDisk Best Use Cases

Installation Series

1. RAMDisk Basic Installation     2. RAMDisk Advanced Configuration
3. RAMDisk Full Version Benefits

Optimization Series

1. Double Your SSD speed     2. Speed Up Internet Browsing     
3. Secure Internet Browsing      4. Slash Video Game Load Times     
5. Video Rendering Optimization     6. Development Optimization

Product Overview Videos

1. Radeon™ Memory and Radeon™ RAMDisk
2. Newegg TV RAMDisk Overview

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